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How to Make an Espresso Shot

Brewing Espresso Using the KitchenAid Espresso Machine

Basket Selection Chart

Basket type Shot Dose (gram) Use for
Single wall          1 shot   10 - 12 Freshly ground whole bean coffee
Single wall          2 shot   18 - 20 Freshly ground whole bean coffee
Double-wall          1 shot   10 - 12 Pre-ground coffee
Double-wall          2 shot   18 - 20 Pre-ground coffee

Brewing Espresso

  1. Select desired Filter basket (see Basket Selection Chart). Press the Filter basket into the Portafilter until it clicks into place.

  1. Fill the Filter basket with fine Espresso coffee grounds (see Basket Selection Chart for dosing recommendations).

  1. Tap the Portafilter to level the ground coffee bed and rest on a flat surface. Use the Tamper to tamp down the ground coffee. Sweep excess coffee grinds from the rim.

  1. Position the Portafilter under the Group Head with the handle align to unlock. Raise the Portafilter into the Group Head and twist to the right side to lock.

  1. Toggle the Mode Button to select Espresso. Toggle the Dose Button to select the desired number of shots 1 (~ 1 ounce) or 2 (~ 2 ounces).

  1. Press the  button to run the selected Espresso cycle.

NOTE: Do not remove the Portafilter when brewing.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on programming espresso amount.

TIP: The shot duration should be between 20-30 seconds for 1 and 2 shot selections.

  • If less than 20 seconds: decrease grind size and/or increase tamp pressure.
  • If more than 30 seconds: increase grind size and/or reduce tamp pressure.

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