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Induction Compatible Cookware

KitchenAid Induction Cookware

Is the correct cookware for induction being used?

The number on the surface cooking area heat setting display will flash if:

  • no pan is placed on the surface cooking area.
  • the pan is not made of the right material.
  • the pan is not the right size.

It will stop flashing once a suitable pan is placed on the surface cooking area.

Pan size, material, and positioning are very important to achieve maximum wattage.  Ideal cookware should have a flat bottom, straight sides and a well-fitting lid, and the material should be of medium-to-heavy thickness. Pans with rough finishes may scratch the cooktop.

Induction cookware material

KitchenAid cookware: All KitchenAid cookware manufactured after 2013 is induction capable.  

How to tell if yours is?

 Can you "feel" the logo on the bottom of the pan?  

  • The current KitchenAid line has laser-etched logos on the bottoms, so they are completely smooth.
  • Earlier KitchenAid cookware has a stamped logo, which you could feel.

Laser etched logo.jpg

Induction cookware size

Choose the correct pan size for each surface cooking area.  The diameter of the pan’s base should be equal to the size of the surface cooking area.

If the pan is too small, the surface cooking area does not sense the pan and will not activate.

NOTE: Cookware manufacturers often give the diameter across the top of the pan. This is usually larger than the diameter of the base.

If using a pan smaller than the surface cooking area, the pan should not be less than 1/2 inch or 1.3 cm smaller than the surface cooking area.  Using a pan smaller than the recommended pan size may heat, but will not provide the best results.

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