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Caring for Wood Handled Cutlery

Caring for Wood-Handled KitchenAid® Cutlery

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Washing Cutlery

  • This cutlery should be hand washed only for lasting appearance and performance.
  • It is not dishwasher safe and washing in the dishwasher can cause permanent damage to the natural wood handles.

Caring for Wood Cutlery Handles

This cutlery comes with natural wood handles and each knife handle benefits from care.

To keep the wood handles looking their best while avoiding warping and cracking, it is recommended to:

  • Never let the wood cutlery handles soak or rest in water or other liquids as this will cause cracking and warping.
  • To help the handles keep from drying out, using a clean cloth or paper towel, wipe the wood handles with a food grade oil or wood cream about once per month.
  • Make sure that the wood handles are clean (washing by hand) and thoroughly dry before applying any oil.
  • Applying the oil and allowing it to soak in at least for a few hours or even overnight adds to the longevity and appearance of your wood cutlery handles.
  • Wipe off any excess oil with a clean cloth or paper towel and store in your cutlery block.
    Food grade oils such as mineral oil, mineral oil and beeswax mixtures, refractionated coconut oil, food grade wood creams are all excellent choices for wood handle care.

Sharpening Cutlery

Many KitchenAid® cutlery sets include a diamond coated knife sharpening steel. The KitchenAid® diamond sharpener may also be purchased separately.

To maintain a precision cutting edge, follow the instructions below to sharpen cutlery after each use.

  1. Resting on a cutting board, countertop or other secure flat surface, angle the sharpening steel at 15° from vertical.
  2. Place the cutlery knife blade edge against the sharpening steel near the hilt with the blade at 90° from the cutting board / resting surface.
  3. Keeping contact with the sharpener, pull down and toward you 2-3 times per blade side.

NOTE: Knives with serrated edges must be professionally sharpened.

Storing Cutlery

To help maintain the beauty of your cutlery, store cutlery in the included knife block when not in use. To further avoid scratches to your cutlery block; place the proper knife back in its designed slot.

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